EDUCATION, Training, employment

Building a viable community through education, strong leadership and mentor ship that fosters opportunities for individuals to become independent stewards of their futures

NLMG’s Trades Exploration Program (TEP) brings together under one roof, education, training and employment, a way to break the cycle of poverty and unleash the positive energy of our indigenous youth to rebuild their communities and their lives, breaking the cycle with a commitment to work, education, family, and community. 


Most First nations youth are forced to leave their homes after Grade 9.  Many have difficulty transitioning to Urban life and never graduate. We create a compassionate and supportive atmosphere where youth are supported with our "wrap around" care and are able to learn at a pace and in an environment that works for them. We have participants working closely with Spiritual Care Givers, Community Workers and Elders to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed. This team approach provides the wrap around supports, which are at the core of our innovative program.  Participants then work towards their apprenticeship and where possible Red Seal certification thus providing each graduate with not only a needed skill but an occupation. 

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Participants will also be engaged in the creation of a trades portfolio which will include certificates they are earning throughout the program such as a CPR / First Aid completion certificate or a certificate for completing the carpentry portion of the program. The portfolio could also serve as a marketing tool and help participants show family and future employers what they have accomplished over the course of the program.

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With NLMG social enterprise and sector partners, we are able to ensure a pool of opportunities and employment in Manitoba's growing construction industry.   The current average age of union carpenters in Manitoba is 44 years and there is a large gap of apprentices needed to meet with this changing demographic. Working with our industry partners we know exactly what the sector labour needs are. We are able to then provide the new workforce training in the needed areas, ensuring a steady and reliable source of workers to meet the change market needs. 

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